Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How To Save Money At The Gym

If you are planning to join any of the gyms in Toronto, you shouldn’t take your decision lightly. Joining a Toronto gym requires a sizeable financial commitment. Toronto gyms come in various sizes, shapes and price ranges. They offer various types of services ranging from basic workout machines to tanning, massages, fitness classes and even laundry services. 
In order not to be stomped by the prices being charged by gyms in Toronto, you need to apply some insider tips that will help you to save a lot of money on your next gym membership. Read on to discover some effective ways to cut your gym membership costs. Visit Toronto-gym.com 
1. Join during the slow season
Consider the time of the year when you are planning to purchase a gym membership. The beginning of the year can be a little more expensive due to New Year’s resolutions, renewed resolve and gift certificates. In the same way, the colder months can be a little busier than the warmer months. Most people prefer to exercise indoors during the winter months. You are not likely to be able to negotiate a good deal during these busy periods. If you want to strike a bargain, you should consider joining during summer. However, if you must join at the beginning of the year, read the next tip
2. Join towards the end of the month
Most gyms and fitness facilities have membership targets for the month. They want to retain their old members and acquire new members. At the beginning of the month, most employees feel that they still have a lot of time to meet their goals so they may not offer you the best deal. But at the last week of the month, the need to meet up becomes more glaring and most gyms are willing to make a deal that will help them to hit their target. So, to save money, go at the end of the month.
3. Shop around first
Take time to shop around before you settle for the most affordable option. You can start shopping online. Search for “ gym Toronto “. Check out the price range of the kind of service you need. Then hit the road and discover what the gyms actually have to offer. When you visit a gym, be armed with the prices being offered by competitors. You can use this to improve your negotiation. 
4. Pay for what you need
It is important to decide on what you actually need before you request for the membership fees. Most gyms ask you to pay a single price for a package of services. For instance, you may be required to pay for the equipment, locker rooms, fitness classes and childcare. If you don’t have kids, you won’t need the childcare service. If you are not interested in the group fitness classes, you should let the gym management know and negotiate for exactly what you need.
6. Don’t over stretch your budget
After you've picked your best gym, you may discover that the cost of becoming a member is beyond your budget. Remember that: when it comes to member-friendly gyms Toronto is one of the best cities to get staff that will be ready to sit down and negotiate with you. So take time to explain your needs and your financial situation. Let them know exactly what you can afford. You would be surprised to discover that they will be willing to help you. 

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